Questions you must add to your research list during a limo service hunt

Making a strong decision on which limo to pick for your airport travel can be very difficult. Since each company tries to entice you with a number of good options and attractive schemes, making a choice that turns out to be beneficial for you can be really tricky. And if this step gets lost midway, there will be a lot of hussle that you would be needing to fix to ensure a smooth ride, the guarantee of which is uncertain with the wrong company.

Here are a few questions you need to add to your list of components to research. Upon asking these to the service providers, you will not only get a definite idea as to how they’re doing in the market place but will also get direction on whether or not to consider them for your commuting need:

1- What exactly would you be offering me as facilities/amenities during the trip?
2- What services am I paying for?
3- Whats your experience like?
4- Do you have proper licence and certification?
5- Are there any conditions you want the passengers to follow?
6- Can the chauffeured be picked? If not, on what basis do they get alloted?
7- In case of delay in reaching or any other problem, how does your team tackle the situation?
8- What are you cancellation/refund policies?

The above-mentioned questions are of great help when it comes to knowing the company well and understanding the principles on which they operate. It will also be good to take a gander at their documents to acquire full satisfaction before you travel.

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